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Chicken Jalfrezi Pies. #CuisineCompanion

Thought I would get my CC to play nice with my Sunbeam Pie Maker. I wanted an easy to make, no fuss chicken curry pie.

To that end, I put 5 skinned chicken legs in the bowl with the mixing blade, emptied in a packet of Passage to India Jalfezi Simmer Sauce and then washed out the remaining sauce from the pack with about 100mls of chicken stock.

Slow cook P1 and when that finished, Slow cook P2 twice. I found that it still needed a little longer so put it in for another 20 mins so the chicken came off the bone. Result below.

Popped into my very old Sunbeam Pie Magic and Voila. Chicken Jalfrezi Pies. Served with Raita and Peach, Mango and Apricot Chutney. Yummo

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