Pasta & Noodle Maker


I have not been paid for this review and I paid for the appliance.

I have only used this twice. Mainly because the person I cook for does not like pasta.... Damn! I love it.

I made spaghetti bog and it was fabulous.

I made Lasagna - not so good. The disc for the lasagna produces sheets that are very thick. On investigation some people are happy with the thickness but most are not. I have ordered a wonton disc which some people say is better as it produces thinner sheets. We shall see.


Very fast and easy to use.
Easy to take apart and clean
Lots of different recipes for making different pastas and noodles including rice noodles
Some good facebook pages for help

Could be improved

Not very many discs for different shaped pastas. You can order from Pastidea in Italy however you have to purchase an adapter to use their discs with the Philips and it comes out very expensive when ordering from Italy.

Come on Philips. Pull your finger out and produce some more dies.


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