Bread Maker


I have not been paid for this review and I paid for the appliance.

Well I have had mixed success with this. It is easy to use and produces a lovely shaped loaf. The texture is just not what I am used to with bread.

I originally purchased it as I was sick of the stale white bread that the supermarkets push onto us. However the one thing it doesn't do well (for my tastes anyway) is soft white bread. I haven't had much success.

I do love however making flavoured breads in this that I toast (which disguises the texture I don't like) and have in Summer with salad. I have made:

Fruit Bread
Bacon and Jalapeno Popper Bread
Herb Bread
Garlic Bread

I am going to enjoy playing with this again in Summer and may even try tweaking the white bread recipe.


Easy to use
Good crust
Different choices for size and crust
Has a dispenser for nuts, seeds and fruit

Could be improved

White bread
A window at the top for looking in



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