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I have not been paid for this review and I paid for the appliance.

This machine is a combination of different cooking appliances wrapped into one easy to use machine. It has 6 programs that are preset - Sauce, Steam, Soup, Slow Cook, Pastry and Dessert.

What I find wonderful about this baby is that you can throw in your garlic, onion, ginger etc then whiz it using the ultra blade. This is like a food processor and will cut your veges up fine. Next you can change the blade (which is just a lift out - put in process) and then using the mixing blade you can then saute the veges. Then add meat, stock or whatever and cook. All in one appliance. You can even add the basket to the top and steam other items whilst cooking your meat below.

I have also made the dough to cook bread rolls in this which have turned out light and fluffy.

Does the chopping and cooking in one bowl.
Easy to use with build in programs
Sturdy and quiet to run
Lots of great resources (as below)
Easy to assemble and clean
Very easy to change blades

Could be improved:
Can be awkward to pour things out of the big bowl
Could brown better
Could mill nuts better


The Tefal website has some great recipes and you can join the club.
Tefal Website

Facebook has a few great groups dedicated to sharing tips, hints and recipes.

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