Chicken and Leek Pie #CuisineCompanion

I made the most delicious Chicken and Leek Pie last night. It was scrumdiddlyumptious. It was so easy. Whip up the sour cream based pastry with the CC and pop it in the fridge whilst you cook the chicken and leek in the CC.

The pastry came out so clean that I just wiped over the bowl before commencing the food cooking.

You can find the recipe here courtesy of Linda Collins' blog Love Baking with the Tefal Cuisine Companion.

Linda Collins' Chicken and Leek Pie

I added Mushroom to try to hide veges from myself...... Hmmm...... don't know how that works.

Don't love veges. Don't like Mushrooms. However understand the benefits of eating them if not understand why they taste so bad.

With Mushrooms it is more the texture than the taste so I chopped them very finely and put in with leeks. Didn't even notice they were there.

I also added the slightest of dashes of Obento Japanese Rice Wine Vinegar. I add a dash to almost everything, Spag Bol, Gravy, Stews, Soups. Just a dash gives the dish a slight tang.

I left the stopper out the whole time. Not sure if that was what I was supposed to do but it worked out fine.

Here's how it turned out.

A winner for sure.

Linda assures me it is it nice cold the next day.

Next time I think I will do individual pies (being only 2 humans at Chez BeaJay) and freeze some. If it freezes well then I could do bulk.

Yes this pie is that yummy.

Hope you try it and enjoy it.


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