Funghi Pasta with "One Pan" Sausage - #Philipspastamaker

The lovely Gisela from Pastidea has made an arrangement (for a limited time) with Keryn Wolff of the Philips Pasta Maker Facebook page, to bring cheaper postage rates to Australia..... So I bought myself a few new screens for my pasta maker 😃😍

Today I tested out the Funghi Screen. This makes cute little mushroom shaped pasta when you cut it quickly....

And spirally shaped pasta when you let it run for a bit.

I cut half of the pasta as individual Fughi for the dish above and the other half as spirals for a curried tuna dish I am going to make later.

The dish I decided to try the Funghi with was a "One Pan" Sausage dish by the great Chef John at Food Wishes. One Pan Orecchiette with Sausage Arugula.

Now Chef John used Orecchiette and Arugula (Rocket) and I used Funghi and Spinach so it was a little different. Chef John also used Parmesan at the end and I used Marinated Fetta. I just loved the silkiness of the melting fetta.

The meal was very nice (and the pasta was fantastic!!) however I would make a few changes next time. Yes I will make it again. I wouldn't use spicy Italian Sausage - I would use ordinary sausage meat and spice it myself. The sausage that I bought wasn't very nice and it was very salty. I didn't add any salt at all and I used salt reduced stock.

I would also stir through some halved cherry tomatoes right at the end to give it a "lift".

One of the things I love about this recipe is that the pasta is cooked in the sauce - not in a pan of boiling water. And being fresh pasta, it cooked quickly.

Great first go though. The recipe itself was not to blame but the poorly made sausage.

I love my pasta maker. I find that it makes perfect pasta where as dried store bought pasta can't get the right "al dente" feel to me. It is either too hard or too soft and the closest I can get to al dente still has a slight hardness to it and a cardboard taste.


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