Bacon, Jalapeno, Cheese and Spring Onion Bread #PanasonicSD2501

I haven't used my breadmaker for a while and now twice in 2 days. Yesterday I made Sourdough Bread Rolls (from a packet mix) but they all went over lunch with the family.

Made the most delicious Bacon, Jalapeno, tasty cheese and spring onion bread today. Beautifully soft and the crust was amazing. Made the large loaf with medium crust in the Panasonic SD2501.
Used the recipe for the Rosemary and Pinenut loaf but instead of rosemary and pine nut I used 3 rashers of bacon chopped a and about 2/3 cup of grated tasty cheese. I put this in with the mix along with 1/2 teaspoon of bread improver. I also only used half a tablespoon of sugar.
I added 2 sliced spring onions and 1 chopped Jalapeno into the fruit and nut dispenser which was added by the machine at the right time.

From the Panasonic SD2501 Manual


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