Curried Tuna #Philipspastamaker

I had some leftover pasta from yesterday's meal but this time I used the longer "spiral" type pasta I made by letting the dough run through the Funghi screen for longer. The screen was purchased through Pastidea.

This recipe is a throw back to the 70's where curry powder and pineapple reigned supreme. I still love it even though it is kitsch. It certainly caused some controversy with an Italian member of the Philips Pasta and Noodle Maker facebook page who said the combination would make her have a heart attack 😄😃

It is a treat for me and I serve it with both pasta (and although you can't see it underneath) rice... Yes - double carbs.....

If anyone has a strong stomach and a yearning for 70's kitsch - here it is.

1 onion cut into wedges
1.5 tablespoons Clive of India curry powder
1 x 185 gr can tuna - drained
1 small can of pineapple pieces drained but reserve 2 tablespoons of juice
1 tablespoon plain four
2 tablespoons sour cream

In a fry pan
Brown onion and then add curry powder and flour
Stir and cook off for a minute
Turn heat to medium
Add tuna and break up the chunks with spoon
Add pineapple and juice
Stir for a minute
Add sour cream and stir through for a minute
Serve with cooked pasta and rice


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