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Sous Vide Egg Bites

Think Creme Brulee but eggs. Sous Vide Eggs are a craze going around (apparently started by Starbucks in the USA). I wondered if CC could do it..... The answer is yes ..... but perhaps not as easily as a sous vide machine.

Makes four little jars

4 eggs
100mls cream
2 tablespoons ricotta
about a teaspoon of dried thyme
Salt and white pepper to taste

I just used a whisk to save washing up - however I did read after that it is better done in a food processor so I will do in the CC next time. Although it did turn out nice

Fill little jars to the lowest twist mark

Put lids on to finger tightness and then ease back a bit. If you put the lid on too tight, apparently the jar can explode.

Place jars in the bottom of the CC bowl and cover with luke warm water up to maximum mark on the bowl.

Put on 80 degrees for 90 mins.

It is like eating silk.

I topped with sauteed mushroom and spring onion. You can just about add anything. Capsicum, different cheeses. The next time I make them I am going t…

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