Ginger Beer Ribs #CusineCompanion

Last Christmas I gave you my heart but the very next....... Oops. Got carried away there.

Last Christmas I saw cartons of Ginger Beer on sale when I was doing my online grocery shopping and immediately envisaged the Ginger Beer spiders of my youth. So I ordered a carton...... Like so many of my other online purchases, I didn't look properly and ended up with DIET ginger beer. So long fantasies.

Now I really should use diet products - my waistline certainly could do with it - however anything with the word diet in it suddenly puts me off and soft drink in particular. I am not a lover of soft drink in general and diet ones are particularly gross in my opinion. I was just thinking of spiders of the non-arachnid type.

Anyhoo - the carton has been staring at me accusingly ever since so in the interests of appeasing my conscious in regards to my scorned purchase, I started thinking of ways to use it. Pork and ginger beer..... hmmm.

This is what I came up with and it was mighty tasty.

Now this is not your "sticky ribs" recipe. More like tender, fall off the bone, scrumptiousness.

Serves 2

500 – 700 grms pork American style ribs cut into smaller pieces to fit

1 brown onion peeled and quartered 

1 large clove garlic peeled

2 long red chili (seeds removed if you don’t want it hot) – Use other chillies for more heat

½ Tbs oil

1 tbs brown sugar 

2 tbs soy sauce

1 tbs Worcestershire sauce 

3 tbs barbecue sauce 

2 tbs tomato sauce or 

1 tbs tomato paste

1 bottle of ginger beer and water to 700mls for steaming
1 tbs balsamic vinegar
1 tbs white vinegar
2 bottles 375mls ginger ale
Salt and pepper to taste
Empty 1 bottle of ginger beer into the bowl and top up with hot water to 700ml line
Place plain ribs in steaming basket. If you have large pieces you may need to cut them into smaller pieces
Choose Steam P1 and change time to 1 hour
After the hour is finished, carefully remove steam basket with ribs and put to one side.
Carefully empty bowl and clean.
Insert Ultra-blade
Place onion, garlic and chili in bowl
Pulse until cut to size you want.
Scrape down bowl and replace ultra-blade with stirring blade
Add oil
Launch Slow Cook P1 for 5 mins – Stopper out
Add all other ingredients to bowl along with ribs. – stopper out
Slow cook P2 for 1.5 hours  (after 1 hour pause and remove 2 cups of liquid – reduce on stove if you want a sauce)
Optional - Finish in a 180° oven if you wish to caramelise them
Serving suggestion – baked potatoes, sour cream and coleslaw

Doing the ribs in the CC made them fall off the bone and deliciously soft and moist.


  1. This looks wonderful! I love ribs, and this seems a lovely way to get them tender.


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