Punjabi Cashew Korma #Cuisinecompanion

Well I did the lazy thing tonight and decided to use a packaged curry sauce for my dinner. I love the Street Kitchen range as It has whole spices, garlic and ginger marinade and the curry sauce.

The Cuisine Companion make is so easy.

I love onions so I added those and the meat as well as capsicum, yogurt and garnish.

Easy as.


2 slices of chuck steak (or you can use chicken or lamb)
2 small onions peeled and quartered
Capsicum as required
Baby spinach leaves as required
Greek Yogurt
1 packet of Street Kitchen Punjabi Cashew Korma


Ultra blade
Place onions in bowl
Speed 8 time 10 seconds
Replace blade with mixing blade
Slow Cook P1
Add meat and ginger and garlic marinade (I don't bother marinading first)
Slow Cook P1
Add contents of curry pouch (I add a bit of stock - maybe a tablespoon - to the empty packet to swish out remaining curry)
Slow Cook P2 - change time to 1 hour 30 mins
When this finishes add capsicum
Slow Cook P2 change time to 30 mins
When finished stir through spinach leaves

Serve with a dollop of yogurt, rice and garnishes.


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