Savoury Crepes

This has to be one of my favourite meals. Not for those worrying about their waistline (or their arteries for that matter) but much yummier than they look.
Normally I would mix flour and eggs and slowly add milk however after my success with gravy I thought I would give it a whirl in the CC - I must give it a name - does yours have a name?
Very easy to make and also chopped the onion in it. Still chopped the tomato by hand but it made it much easier. Still had to cook it over the stove but much quicker with the mixing.
Here are my savoury crepes. Yummmo

1 small red onion (or half a larger one)
1 tomato chopped in small pieces
1 Cup of plain four
1 cup of milk
4 eggs
half teaspoon Salt
half tablespoon Cayenne Pepper

Ultra Blade
Add peeled and quartered onion - Speed 10 - 10 seconds
Remove blade and scrap out onion for later. Doesn't matter if a few small pieces stay in the bowl
Put in kneading blade

Put in eggs and flour
Speed 3 time 2 mins
put in milk, salt and Cayenne Pepper
Speed 1 time 30 sec then speed 5 time 2 mins
Remove blade and scrape all of the bowl looking for lumps of flour. Mix in.

Scrape down sides, check the bottom and under blade for thick mixture and whiz on 5 for 1 minute

Remove blade.


Add onions and tomato and stir

On the stove put a crepe pan or frying pan on heat element to not quite full heat and wait until pan is hot.
Put a dob of butter in the pan and swirl
Pour a small amount of mixture into pan, swirl till mixture covers the pan and cook until the crepe comes loose when you shake the pan and turn over.

When cooked put onto plate and spread with butter (Yum - lots of butter) and roll up.

Keep warm while you repeat.



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